12 Tips to Choose a domain name for your bog?

Are you looking for a domain name for your new blog? Then you must read this article before you book a domain name.  After confirming your niche, you should choose a domain name for your blog. Selecting a domain name for is so crucial for your success online. So there is nothing wrong if you spend more than a couple of days or weeks in selecting a domain name.


12 Tips to Choose a domain name for your bog?


Importance of selecting the right domain name

A domain name is your business name. People come to know about your business through your domain name. So your domain name should be able to attract your audience. 

The first impression is the best impression.

A good domain name can increase your SEO visibility and CTR(Click through Rate). As a result, you can get a ton of traffic from search engines and other social media platforms. 

The essential tips to choose a domain that I discuss here will help you to select a powerful domain name which helps you to create a money-making blog.

So sit tight and read with full concentration till the end of the article!

Tips to Choose a Domain Name for your Blog

As I said earlier, choosing a domain name is the same as you select a name for a newborn baby. Changing a domain name in future is not an easy task. So you must pick a brandable and scalable domain name. 

As a newbie blogger, you must have a lot of questions on your mind when it comes to the selection of best domain name for your blog.

But no need to worry!

Just follow the tips below to pick a perfect name for your website or blog.

1. Choose a Brandable Domain Name

Everybody says that you must always choose a brandable domain name. Most people select a domain name which makes them convert it into a brand when your blog grows.

Even Moz has changed its domain name as the old domain name was not brandable. 

But changing domain name is not easy for people like you and me as it will drop your traffic for a short period of time. So never make this mistake while choosing a domain name.


But what makes a domain name brandable? So now let us discuss the factors which make a domain name brandable. Never use specific keywords on your domain name as you will find it difficult to expand your blog in future. 


For example, if you are starting a blog on fitness trackers and if you use a domain name such as bestfitnesstracker.com, then you will find it difficult to expand your blog in future. In such a blog you can not discuss other wearable gadgets such as a smartwatch or smart hecklers. Even if you write about other wearable gadgets on this blog people and search engines feel that you are only an expert on fitness trackers and not on other fitness trackers. 

As a result, your audience will ignore any articles other than fitness trackers.

So what is the solution? 

On the above example, instead of choosing bestfitnesstracker.com as your domain name you can choose other names such as wearablegadgets.com, wearabletech.com, etc. So that you can expand your blog in future without any difficulty or trouble. 

2. Choose Most Appropriate Domain Extension

It is always recommended to go for a .com TLD as your domain extension as it is a familiar and common TLD. As per Stastita, 46.7% of domains have a .com extension globally. Also, people have the tendency to type .com extension by default when they type a domain name on the address bar. 

TLD Distribution

I also agree with the fact that there are many popular sites with other extensions such as .net, org, etc. 

If a .com domain name is not available, then you can go for another domain extensions but it is risky as people do not remember complicated domain names. 

In case of extreme urgency for a particular domain name, you can contact the owner of the domain name to know whether he is willing to sell the domain name.  But remember, it will be costlier than you think. 

3. Choose a Domain Name Which is Easy to Remember

Your domain name should be simple and easy to remember. It is very important for your success as an online entrepreneur. 

Simple domain names help you to create a better brand awareness compared to a complicated domain name. 

For instance, the domain name Bloggingshell.com is simple and easy to remember. There are some tools out there which can help you to choose a perfect domain name for your online venture. We will discuss these tools below.

4. You Domain Name Should Be Easy to Type and Spell

Domain name selection tips

Make sure that your domain name is easy to type and spell. It is recommended not to repeat letters on your URL. This will create confusion on people. They will type the wrong URL and you will lose the traffic.

For example, if you choose beeentertainment.com, then there is a great chance that people misspell the domain name. They can type this domain name as bentertainment.com or bentertainment.com So avoid such confusing domain names for your blog. 

Once you have finalised your website name, just call any of your friends and tell him the name of your domain. If he does not ask you to repeat the domain name twice, then it is a perfect domain name for you. And this test is called a domain name phone test. And your domain name must pass the phone test. 

5. Go for a Short Domain Name

A short domain name has many advantages over long domain names. People can easily remember a short domain name and it looks more brandable too. 

But what if the desired name is not available?

In this case, add some modifiers to the primary keyword and check for the availability of that particular domain name. 

 Still, it is not available?

Then go to Thesaurus.com to find some synonyms of the given keyword and check the availability. It will help you to get the most relevant and related domain name for your blog or website. 

If you still find it hard to find a domain name for your blog, then you can use some free domain name suggestion tools.

6. Use a Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Domain name search

Domain name suggestion tools help you to get beautiful and attractive website names. It will give you tons of domain name ideas in a few seconds. Choose one of the most appropriate ones which suit your blog or website. 

Leandomainsearch is a fantastic tool with a simple user interface which helps you to find available domain names on your niche.

Just enter your keyword on the search box and tap enter to get all available domains on your keyword or niche. 

For example, if your chosen keyword is weight loss and just enter the keyword “weight loss” on the search box to get some domain name ideas.


Select one of the most appropriate domain from this tool. Now we have gone through half of the way and the remaining step is also very crucial in selecting the most appropriate domain name for your business. 


7. Check for the Availability of Names on Social Media

Social Media plays an important part in your blogging journey. You can attract highly converting targeted traffic to your blog from social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Targeted traffic means that highly potential customers for your business. 

Other than Google people also search your brand name in social media platforms as well. 

So it is important to make sure that your brand name is available in social media. 

But how to check the availability of brand name in social media?

Manually checking the same on social media is a time-consuming process. So make sure you utilize the tools such as Namechecker to check the availability of your brand name on different social media platforms on a single screen with a tap.

Social Name checker.png

Sounds great? Do you like this tip?

8. Check Whois Database 

Checking the Whois register is very important before you register a domain name. Because it will give you an idea of the chosen domain. Check the following details on the Whois register.

  • Check whether it is previously registered or not. If it is a brand new domain name then there will be no data on the Whois database.
  • If it is previously registered or an expired domain, then check how many times the domain has registered and used. It is not a good idea to choose a domain name which is dropped multiple times.

If the Whois register is clean then you can go ahead with the chosen domain name. 

9. Check Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine helps you to check the previous version of your website. It is very important because this will help you understand the niche and web design of the older version of the blog. Make sure that no spam work has been done on this domain name previously. 

Check the following things on the Wayback Machine

  • Check for the blog niche. The niche should be the same as yours. 
  • Make sure that the domain name previously not used for any spam activities such as illegal or violence especially if you are planning for an AdSense site.
  • How the website looked in the past. Have a look at the design and layout of the old version of this site. 

You should always check the Wayback Machine before buying any domain name. The tool is free and does not cost you a penny for using this tool. 

10. Choose AdSense Ban History

If you are purchasing an expired domain name, then nobody can tell you whether that particular domain is banned or not. However, here I have some tips which may help you the AdSense ban history of any website. You can use these methods even though it is not 100% reliable.

AdSense Ban

Here I will tell you what I usually do before buying a domain name.

    • Check the Wayback Machine: Wayback Machine give show you the older version of the website. Make sure that the site contents are in accordance with Google AdSense terms and conditions.
      Never buy a domain that previously used for any spam activities, Porn, violence, etc.


  • Use AdSense Ban Checking Tools: No tools are 100% secure! Still, you can use tools such as Bannedcheck. This tool also tells you whether the site is banned from Google search engine.


11. Avoid numbers and hyphens

It is recommended to avoid numbers and hyphens in your domain name as it does not look professional. Also, people may type your domain name wrongly on the search box and you will lose some potential direct traffic from your customers. 

12. Now Register Your Domain Name

Once you have finalised your domain name you must register it as soon as possible before someone take it from you. Thousands of domain names are registered every minute on the world of the internet every day.

Choose a reliable domain name registrar in the planet to ensure your sites maximum uptime. Godaddy and Namecheap are one of the most recommended domain name registrar in the world. Also, some of the popular hosting providers such as Bluehost, Siteground, etc offering the free domain name for one year along with some hosting plans.


I think this article on how to choose a domain name was helpful for you in selecting your domain name for your new blog. Please feel free to comment below your thought on this.

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